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Our Philosophy

Architectural and planning designs are based on the proportions of man in relation to his environment.

-Hafner | Ferlita Architects

(via Vitruvius and Palladio)

In the ongoing spirit of responsible leadership, Hafner | Ferlita Architects utilizes advanced computer technology for both production efficiency (C.A.D.D. - Computer Assisted Design and Drafting Systems) and critical information processing. This includes the constant monitoring of changes in the evolving art of building construction as well as legislative and environmental regulations that have key impact on the construction industry.

The firm’s diversified background in commercial and residential design and development throughout the United States accommodated through its fully staffed office in Tampa, Florida. The staff comprises experienced professionals whose capabilities, skills, and knowledge coincide with the firm's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. This commitment is exemplified by the fact that the average tenure of principals and associates exceeds sixteen years.

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